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New Ventures Partnership with EEP Indonesia

New Ventures Indonesia is currently looking to connect with Sustainable Palm Oil Plantations and Renewable Energy Project Developers in Central Kalimantan. Read more here to see if your organisation qualifies to receive business and investment support free of charge.

New Ventures Indonesia in partnership with the Energy and Environment Partnership with Indonesia (EEP Indonesia) – funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland - is working in Central Kalimantan to improve the ability of renewable energy project developers and sustainable palm oil plantations to work together to develop RE Projects.

These projects must provide mutual benefit to Palm Oil Plantations and off-grid communities through increased electrification from biomass, biogas, bioenergy and waste-to-energy technologies.

As a result of EEP Indonesia and NVI funding, all business support, mentoring, training, networking and investment facilitation services provided by Apex-NVI is provided to selected project developers and palm oil plantations free of charge.

We can assist project developers:

  • Develop of an effective business strategy;
  • Focused investment strategy;
  • Business plan and investment proposal preparation; and
  • Investor introductions and facilitation

Project Developers please send an Expression of Interest via this link to learn more about this opportunity.

Sustainable Palm Oil Plantations, please send an Expression of interest via this link to learn more about this potential business opportunity.

Alternatively, please call our office at +62 21 515 7792

About the EEP Partnership

Through funding provided by EEP Indonesia, Apex-NVI is able to provide business development services - including training, mentoring, consulting and investment facilitation support - to RE enterprises with high growth potential from the biomass, biogas, bioenergy and waste-to-energy sectors. We are also able to help improve Project Developer’s ability to manage growth, attract investment capital, and capitalise on new market opportunities. Read More

Apex-New Ventures Indonesia works to encourage systemic change in the investment community in order to increase investments in Renewable Energy enterprises. NVI also provides due diligence to impact investors and financiers. NVI offers palm oil plantations opportunities to connect with project developers and potentialproject financiers to develop successful Renewable energy installations.

New Ventures Indonesia leverages the power of a wide global network. The global network is building bridges across emerging markets and the local network is creating a platform for learning and collaboration in Indonesia and regionally.

In collaboration with our local partner in Central Kalimantan, NVI will ensure enterprises passing through the screening process receive an international standard of business support. We will help you to manage growth, attract investment capital, and assess your financial, environmental, and social performance.

Specifically, we can provide assistance with:

  • Develop of an effective business strategy;
  • Focused investment strategy;
  • Business plan and investment proposal preparation; and
  • Investor introductions and facilitation. 

Our Local Partner in Central Kalimantan: Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta

Our local Project Partner in Central Kalimantan is Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta (YTS). YTS is a development foundation based in Central Kalimantan. This province has a small population, but is rich in natural resources, and it is inevitable that large scale development will come. The foundation YTS, is working to create conditions that will enable this development to be balanced, sustainable, and equitable. To this end YTS is collaborating with local communities and governments to strengthen their capacity to jointly manage the process of development. More information can be found at www.tambuhaksinta.com

The New Ventures Approach

New VenturesIndonesia builds on a proven approach that proposes empowering local businesses as a clear path to poverty alleviation, sustainable development, and a shift from reliance on fossil fuels to renewable energy. Read More

Access to renewable energy can be limited in rural areas and remote locations such as Central Kalimantan. Business support, training and mentoring and introductions to investors and financiers can enable existing project developers in the renewable energy sector to connect with sustainable palm oil producers and other business partnerships that can accelerate growth.

The training and mentoring phase will be implemented over 6 months and will culminate in the conduct of an investor forum. Investor Forums are events where renewable energy project developers present their business plans and connect with potential investors and other potential business partners.

The mentoring and training program includes a monthly 1-day training workshop in Central Kalimantan and provision of a full day per month for 6 months of one-on-one business support to each participant focusing on the areas of business planning and strategy, investor relations, public speaking and general business support to ensure they are “investor-ready”.

As a result of EEP and NVI funding, all business support, mentoring, training and networking is provided to the entrepreneurs free of charge.

The benefits of this Opportunity

New Ventures Indonesia will work with Renewable Energy Project Developers.

For our purposes, we define these Re Project Developers as organizations which develop, construct and/or operate projects that utilize and process renewable energy to generate power. Renewable energy project developers can also meanan entity that developsor distributes renewable energy project technology.

Palm Oil Plantations are not eligible for participation in the mentoring phase of the project, but a selectnumber of interested plantations will receive access to potential business partners amongst the participating renewable energy project developers and introductions to potential investors to assist in an RE installation project development.

Please send an Expression of Interest via this link to learn more about this opportunity.Alternatively, please call our office on +62 21 515 7792

NVI works with private sector organisations only. Unfortunately we are unable to process applications from government entities or not-for-profit organisations. State-owned enterprises (BUMN), however, meeting all other criteria are eligible to apply.

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