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The World Resources Institute's New Ventures program is harnessing the power of sustainable small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the engines for innovation and durable, equitable economic growth, to support a new development approach that values communities and the environment. New Ventures operates centres of entrepreneurship in the key emerging markets of Indonesia, China, India, Mexico, Columbia and Brazil. In Indonesia, New Ventures (NVI) is managed and implemented by The Apex Consulting Group. Our operations are supported by the Citigroup Foundation and Hewlett Packard Foundation

We support enterprise growth by providing innovative entrepreneurs with management training, business advisory services, and access to capital and markets. Functioning as a business accelerator, New Ventures shifts alternative environmental and social markets from the margin to the mainstream and has developed a set of tools to equip tomorrow's business leaders with the skills needed to succeed in these new markets.

NVI identifies, selects, mentors and showcases outstanding entrepreneurs that create solutions to critical global environmental and social problems. These companies serve as leaders in high growth sectors such as renewable energy, ecotourism, organic agriculture, clean technology, sustainable forestry and biodiversity-based business.

Ultimately, NVI is demonstrating that investing in environmentally sustainable and socially responsible enterprises makes good business sense and our success will promote an alternative development paradigm that incorporates environmental and social considerations for sound economic growth.

Since our inception in 2005, New Ventures Indonesia has:

  • Hosted 24 business seminars attended by 472 entrepreneurs
  • Hosted 4 International Investor Forums
  • Reached 747 entrepreneurs
  • Screened 270 sustainable enterprises
  • Grown a portfolio of 27 sustainable enterprises
  • Established an IT-training facility for SMEs

Embedded within NVI activities are strategic partnerships that include business incubators, venture capital funds, multinational companies, multilateral organizations and business schools. In the end, NVI works toward the long-term conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in Indonesia by employing a market-driven approach that focuses on supporting environmentally sustainable and socially responsible small and medium enterprises.

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